We make Floorplans

A full representation of the property thanks to plans.


The 2 and 3D plans of Fokaliz.

You do not have the plans of the property?  Renovation work has been done and your plans are no longer up to date?

We produce 2D or 3D plans so that your future buyers will have an overall impression and will be provided with as much information as possible. 


Why complete your presentation with a 2d plan?

For a potential buyer it can be difficult to imagine the composition and surface area of a property. The plans we create schematize the property in order to provide a quick and accurate overview. We offer simple and efficient 2D plans but also 3D plans


We make 3D plans.

A 3D plan or “doll’s house” is an interactive plan, allowing you to photograph an entire building at a given time.  It allows you to zoom in on the sections of the building and rotate 360 degrees around the building.